Guillermo Álvarez

software craftsman

Hello !

Guillermo Álvarez

I am web developer and this is my bio

Current Status

Freelancer since June 2010. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work a range of projects from geolocation systems (mapping), mobile web apps (_localStorage_, JSON, html5 manifest), NoSQL systems like CoudDB and ElasticSearch, Memcache, Javascript (by hand or with coffee).

I normally run my own servers (FreeBSD and Linux) and have used a range of system management tools like CHEF, MUNIN and MONIT, and if possible UPSTART. The sites are normally served with nginx and passenger.

I love Wireframes, Usability, User Experience, Grid Based Designs, and agile management systems (not necessary scrum or kanban, but I’ve those are the most interesting).

In my spare time I experiment with Puredata, Mongrel2, ZMQ RabbitMq and I’m currently in the process of learning Erlang.

As an active member of the Spanish ruby community, I help with organizing Spain’s Conferencia Rails (2010 and 2011), and I actively take part in Madrid’s Ruby user group, madrid.rb, where I’ve spoken several times.


I’ve been a software/web/technology craftsman since the age of 16. I started programing with basic, but after discovering that .exe was much cooler than .bas, I move to C. My problem with this and 3d graphics, was the speed of the graphics.lib included with the Borland compiler, so i learn enough x86 assambler to made my own libraries for 3d graphics with the int-10 of the MS-DOS system.

As a person with lot of curiosity, I always find myself asking how things work. The next logic step was electronics and robotics were I participated in a few robotic contests.

In 2005 I start working with a control systems and automation equipment distributor as a technical and commercial employee, dealing with problems in airports, automated warehouses and factories researching technical solutions to everyday problems.

In that company I also successfully migrated the management and accounting systems along with the desktop environments to Open Source solutions like LTS or XEN.

By 2008 I completely changed my professional career to something more related with my principal hobby, so I start working with La Coctelera, the first company in Spain to start using Ruby on Rails in production with the largest blog engine in Spain. I performed the migration to GIT, the asyncroniusly image upload service based on Amazon EC2 with custom AMIs, and the full text search engine with Sphinx

My next step was to Job And Talent, a Spanish recruitment social network where I worked on the candidate search function and dynamic PDF generation using the groff unix command as a rails view format.