Guillermo Álvarez


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Work experience

towebu GmbH ( Feb 2020 — Present

Founder converts PC into office dashboards enabling company leaders display key company insights to their employees.
Converting pcs into remote browsers is something I was doing on every single company. After the frustration of so many years trying to find a software like this, I decided to jump in and build it.

Kalena Apr 2019 — Jan 2020 ( Almost a year)

Kalena helps people live better live, by helping understand the reasons why we do things and bring more awareness to what we are doing in life.
The project wrong to a point that was bigger than initially anticipated. It will require external money for a product is not yet proven. So I decided to pause it an move on.

Tourlane GmbH Aug 2017 — May 2019 (1 + 1/2 years)

Head of Engineering
Bootstrap team and tech at Tourlane from 0 to 40 engineers.
  • Countless tech interviews
  • Tech Budget management
  • Tech OKR's
  • Implement 360 feedback
  • Grow developers into managers
  • Define tech structure
  • People Management

Sabbatical Jan 2017 — Aug 2017 (6 months)


Wooga GmbH Aug 2011 — Dec 2016 (5+ years)

Team Lead (1+ year):
After finding similarities with different projects, I bootstrap the SBS project. The project intention was to remove the need of having backend developers within the game teams by providing services instead. Now is being used by more than 20 teams at the company and serving more than 3 Million DAU (Daily Active Users).
I lead the tech and the team.

Lead Developer (1 year):
I join the Pearl's Peril team as lead developer. I introduce agile methodologies, did coaching (1:1) and align the different backlogs with company and team priorities.
One of the most interesting and fun projects was the migration to the cloud, that was done successfully and with less than 1 hour downtime.

Senior Developer (3+ years):
During this time I worked on 5 different projects.
  • Pocket Island: An HTML5 games where I was doing backend in nodejs and frontend in objective-c and html5+javascript.
  • MonsterWorldMobile: An ios game where I worked in an erlang backend, and building tools to enable PM to operate the game without developer intervention.
  • Pocket Village: An iteration from the previous backend, for a different game.
  • Jelly Splash: The third iteration of the backend. On this case a generic one, with a clear and easy to use API that is still being in use without modification nowadays.
  • SBS: The automation of the Jelly Splash backend to enable anyone at the company to create backends on demand, solving the common cases scenarios of K/V Store, Config management, Payment validation and CDN.
Keywords: AWS (EC2, VPC, S3, CLOUDFRONT, ...), HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, Rails, Bash, Chef, Riak, MySQL, Postgress, Chef.

Freelance Apr 2010 — Aug 2011 (1 year)

Software Developer
As a Software Developer Freelance I work for several companies:
  • ArtConnectBerlin: A Berlin start-up recently acquired. In this case, I needed to guide the client in UX, build the UI in html5, and refactor an application on a really tight schedule.
  • Justlanded: A Spanish start-up, where I was hired as backend developer for Ruby, and process automation.
  • Etaxi: A Spanish start-up equivalent to mytaxi.

JobAndTalent Oct 2008 — Apr 2010 (1 + 1/2 years)

Software Developer
Join as second develoepr. I did Ruby on Rails development and sysadmin.

The Cocktail S.L. Jan 2008 — Oct 2008 (1 year)

Software Developer
Develop several services for, at the time, the biggest blogging engine in Spain (at the time). From search, to image upload and resizing.

Sovematic S.L. Jan 2004 — Oct 2007 (4 years)

Sales Engineer
Sales job where I needed to go to factories and warehouses, to sell sensors and fix and improve production machinery.
  • Migrate all ERP system to an opensource solution.
  • Reduce IT cost by 10x by implementing lightweight terminals.


Telecomunicaciones 2004 — 2007

Politécnica de Madrid

Sistemas de telecomunicaciones e Informática 2002 — 2004

Vallecas I


I do Improv Theater every week.


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