Guillermo Álvarez Fernández


+49 0176 71 05 0003

Work experience

Sabbatical Jan 2017 — Present


Wooga GmbH Dec 2015 — Dec 2016 (1 year)

Lead Developer
Lead a backend team, by introducing agile methodologies, coaching, and align backlog with company and team priorities.

Wooga GmbH Nov 2014 — Dec 2015 (1+ year)

Team Lead
Product, project, and people manager for common backend services at Wooga.
This project is being used by more than 20 teams at the company and serving more than 3 Million DAU.

Wooga GbmH Aug 2011 — Nov 2014 (3 years)

Backend developer
During this time I worked on 5 different projects.
  • Pocket Island: An HTML5 games where I was doing backend in nodejs and frontend in objective-c and html5+javascript.
  • MonsterWorldMobile: An ios game where I worked in an erlang backend, and building tools to enable PM to operate the game without developer intervention.
  • Pocket Village: An iteration from the previous backend, for a different game.
  • Jelly Splash: The third iteration of the backend. On this case a generic one, with a clear and easy to use API that is still being in use without modification nowadays.
  • SBS: The automation of the Jelly Splash backend to enable anyone at the company to create backends on demand, solving the common cases scenarios of K/V Store, Config management, Payment validation and CDN.
During this time I used the following technologies:
AWS (EC2, VPC, S3, CLOUDFRONT, ...), HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, Rails, Bash, Chef, Riak, MySQL, Postgress, Chef.

Freelance Apr 2010 — Aug 2011 (1 year)

Software Developer
As a Software Developer Freelance I work for several companies:
  • Etaxi: A Spanish start-up equivalent to mytaxi.
  • Justlanded: A Spanish start-up, where I was hired as backend developer for Ruby, and process automation.
  • ArtConnectBerlin: A Berlin start-up. In this case, I needed to guide the client in UX, build the UI in html5, and refactor an application on a really tight schedule.

JobAndTalent Oct 2008 — Apr 2010 (1 + 1/2 years)

Software Developer
Ruby on Rails developer and sysadmin. Do from normal web development stack: html/css/js to system management.

The Cocktail S.L. Jan 2008 — Oct 2008 (1 year)

Software Developer
Develop several services for, at the time, the biggest blogging engine in Spain. From search, to image upload and resizing.

Sovematic S.L. Jan 2004 — Oct 2007 (4 years)

Sales Engineer
Traditional sales job where I needed to go to factories and warehouses, to sell sensors mostly, fix and improve production chains.
In my free time, I changed all the accounting and desktop system of the company.


Telecomunicaciones 2004 — 2007

Politécnica de Madrid

Sistemas de telecomunicaciones e Informática 2002 — 2004

Vallecas I


I do Improv Theater every week.


References available upon request.
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